Leo’s Page


Hi there! My name is Leo and I am a purebred German Short-Haired Pointer, “GSP” for short.  

I am four years old and I live with my brother Zarif and our humans, Dad Tony, Mom Patti, and teenager Asaad.  We have a nice big pool at our house, which I love!  I was raised to be a hunting dog and locate, point, flush and retrieve wild birds like quail and pheasant.   My brother Zarif is the best hunter ever, and I’m pretty good at it too, but I don’t like the loud sound of the gunshots.  So when we go hunting it’s my job to make sure I know where we parked the truck, so we don’t get lost. Don’t worry, I run back to the truck and check a lot to make sure it’s still in the same place.

My main hobbies, other than relaxing with Dad (I am an expert at relaxing), are dock jumping, lure coursing and being a pet therapy and Reading Paws dog.   I love running down the dock and leaping as far into the pool as I can to get the toy Dad throws.  I am also great at the vertical jump where I have to jump high into the air and pull down a toy into the pool.  Last time I competed in the Big Air Jump at Splash Dogs I got 3rd place!  I’m still practicing, so you can find me jumping into our pool at home all the time.   Lure coursing is fun because I love to run and so I get to run a lot.  The only dog that has beaten me was a Greyhound.  

The thing I am most proud of is being a therapy and Reading Paws Dog.  That’s because it combines both of my top skills at one time – relaxing and loving kids.  I really enjoy listening to them read to me, and pet me.  I get a good feeling when I see happy, smiling kids. I have also been writing books for the kids to read to me, but Mom does help because I don’t have thumbs so it’s hard to hold the pen!

I hope I get to meet you soon and read with you.  I like getting emails and Mom will help me write back to you.  Please email me at ReadWithLeo@gmail.com

Bye for now and slurpy kisses from me to you!