Background Check

READing Paws believes there is a need, as well as a moral and ethical responsibility and obligation, to set the highest standards for its volunteers who work within our communities. As our READing Paws volunteers work one-on-one with children, those with special needs, and other clients in our schools and various other settings, it is our goal and mission to conduct our program in a competent, professional manner.  We continually strive to provide for the utmost safety and security of all of our clients.  Our teams are empowered with extensive training, covered by a liability policy, and are able to offer the additional security of having undergone a national criminal background check.

Any questions concerning this  policy can be directed to any member of the Board of Directors. 

Click the Paw for the form in PDF formatBackground_Check_files/RP%20Background%20check%20form.pdf